Today, Marketing has become the corner stone of companies’ digital transformation and strategy.

TheoryGlobal is a Modern Marketing consultancy agency – we help companies answer the new challenges of B2B Marketing with new technologies and align with their sales practice and customer relationship.

Clément Hurstel
VP Demand Strategy
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Clément advises our clients in their Marketing transformation. Expert in digital strategies, he’s worked in Marketing functions in sectors that managed their digital transformation such as the media and photography industries. He also worked as Digital Strategic planer and Account Director in agencies for several B2B clients.

Tamara Grunebaum
VP Business Development & Operations
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Specialised in International B2B communication and Marketing, Tamara has worked with agencies such as Publicis Consultants and Ogilvy as Account and Development Director for major international accounts including Orange, Rentokil Initial, Expectra (Randstad), Atlantic, BMS...