Clément Hurstel
VP Demand Strategy
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An essential component of efficient content marketing is personalization, in other words, the degree to which a content is specifically adapted to precise expectations and interests.

What are the limits of personalized Content Marketing?

PersonalizationType of contentDescription
LowGenericContent that is not designed according to the buyer (a product brochure, for instance)
Segment-SpecificContent designed according to certain corporate specificities (industry, size, etc.)
Persona-Specific Content designed according to certain types of buyers
Stage-Specific Content designed according to stages in the decision-making path or customer life cycle (buyer's journey)
Prospect-Specific Content designed according to a particular organization (for example, an ROI or TCO study)
HighLead-Specific Content designed according to a specific person

Today we know that the design and distribution of content must be approached specifically for market segments, buyer personas, their strategic issues and the different stages in their buying journey. In other words, you, the marketers, must constantly develop and adapt your content.

But it is nearly impossible for a marketer to successfully conduct this exercise beyond a certain level of specification. Ultra-personalization requires a level of understanding that results from direct dialogue with the potential buyer – and this is only the job of the business developer or salesperson.

In recent years, conventional wisdom has told us that salespeople should not ‘uselessly’ waste their time developing content.

@@The reality is that there are some types of content than only someone from sales can produce@@

Instead of trying to eliminate content created by Sales, marketers should support them and encourage them to conduct this vital work. And Sales should stop expecting Marketing to give them ready-to-use content that is perfectly adapted to each sales situation.

In doing so, there is every chance that the following scripts will disappear and that you will take a step further towards alignment between Sales and Marketing.

Marketers : “We have developed a tremendous amount of very high quality content but we notice that Sales doesn’t even use half of it!”

Salespeople: “We need better content to answer questions from our Leads. Most of the content Marketing gives us does not really meet our needs.”

Happy Marketing !