To build efficient Modern Marketing programmes, you need to have a thorough knowledge of your audiences and build your Buyer Personas. Are you using them in the most effective way?

To support sales, Marketing and Sales are used to developing strategies, tactics and Content Marketing. Many use Buyer Personas to identify the characteristics and behaviours of their prospects and optimise their Demand Generation practice..

During this session, you will discover the methodology to develop your Buyer Personas and your Buying Vision, a powerful tool to harvest the potential of your Personas.

What you'll be abble to learn:

  • What is a Persona? Role and benefits
  • Methodology and best practice to develop your Personas
  • What is the best way to use your Personas?
  • What is a Buying Vision and how does it benefit your Personas?
  • How do you put your Buying Vision at the service of your organisation? Business Case.


Sabine Pion, Marketing Manager – Xerox Europe

It’s impossible to imagine interacting on our market with the right content, at the right time in the right place, without a thorough understanding of the concept of Personas. This is where TheoryGlobal advice and methodologies can make the difference

Karin Cudd, Brand Offer Marketing - EXALEAD Dassault Systèmes

Thank you to TheoryGlobal for this Workshop! The comprehensive methodology to define Personas has given me good ideas to optimise our definitions. Finding more about the best ways to distribute your contents through your Buying Vision and Buyer’s Journey is always interesting.

  • Tamara Grunebaum VP Business development

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