For 87% of B2B marketers, e-mail is the primary tool available to them to help leads progress in their buyer’s journey. In order to remain visible to targets during their decision cycle, improving deliverability is a continuous goal for marketers.

The obsolescence or inexactitude of e-mail addresses are a plague to marketing campaign performance:

  • Wasted marketing expenditure, poor resource allocation, impact on performance, increased storing costs and additional costs for corrective measures.
  • The reputation, the perception of the sender brand can also suffer when messages are sent several times to erroneous addresses.
  • This can even lead to the sender’s address being banned for long periods of time.

How can you manage and maintain your e-mail contact database to avoid this risky situation?

The fact remains that e-mail is still one of the best channels for communicating with customers and prospects. If marketers want to avoid disappointment in the performance of their programs, they must adopt best practices for managing their contact databases – and fast!

Clément Hurstel
VP Demand Strategy
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