30 to 50% of B2B Leads pushed by Marketing to Sales are not ready to buy when they are contacted by sales reps. However, ¾ of them will be ready in the following 12 to 18 months.

Lead Nurturing has become a major subject in all Demand Generation activities as it supports your prospects lifecycle in their buyer’s journey.

This session is for advanced Marketers in Lead Generation or Demand Generation, who wish to improve their Nurture content strategy. If you use a Marketing Automation platform, it will also help you optimise your results.


  • What is efficient Lead Nurturing?
  • Lead Nurturing tactics and strategies
  • How does your Lead Nurturing impact your ROI?
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Heike Fuerst, Principal Marketing operations Manager, AXWAY

I appreciate this format both short and dense that gives an opportunity to exchange views with Modern Marketing experts.

Aurélien Blaha, Marketing Director, FINALCAD

A clear, concrete and comprehensive introduction to start asking yourself the right questions about Lead Nurturing.


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