Lead Scoring is at the core of all Demand Generation practice. It’s the corner stone of your content and business strategies that helps drive your productivity and business excellence.

A good Lead Scoring system enables you to identify faster and precisely the people and the companies your Sales have to focus their efforts on. It creates real business opportunities for your company.

This workshop is aimed at advanced Marketers in Demand Generation or who wish to fully value their content strategy. If you use a Marketing Automation Platform, it will also help raise its benefits and results.


  • How do you build a good Lead Scoring system?
  • Lead Scoring strategies
  • Weighting
  • Steps and pitfalls
  • Implement and manage your Lead Scoring system
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Alexandre Cabanis, VP Marketing, RITME INFORMATIQUE

Even for a beginner, the presentation was clear to follow. You come out of this workshop with clear ideas on the action plans you need to develop.

Elodie Blanchard, Marketing Project Manager, MEGA INTERNATIONAL

I appreciated most the strategic content developed and the quality of the discussions with other participants.


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