This European survey explores the perspectives on the future of Marketing, the new key challenges marketers have to face and opportunities they have to leverage.

You'll discover key Marketing trends across Europe and what marketers are worried about today, from content, data, skills to resources.

Marketers' biggest worries

The main question was simple: “Marketers, what keeps you up?” Over 200 respondents gave an overview of what their major worries are across Europe and in their industries. We realised that Marketers are ‘somewhat worried’ or ‘very worried’ about almost all the topics we asked them to answer. For instance,

  • 86% are worried about The Right Content
  • 82% are worried about Resource and Budget
  • 78% are worried about Measuring success and Integrated Strategy
  • The least important worry was about Brand and Design that worries 58% of our respondents.

Marketing today: a "cluster" of worries.

We wanted to investigate if worries are linked together and clustered our data. What we discovered were some recurring patterns that gave us great insights about a far more complex reality. In fact, it's not about a unique worry. It's about a set of worries.

Clément Hurstel
VP Demand Strategy
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